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First off, for digital photography there are TONS of websites online.

For working on your photo skills:
Tips from The Top Floor is a great site that covers everything from how-to's, to mp3 podcasts, to Adobe Photoshop tips. Check it out!
Focus on Photography has some good, basic information for beginning photographers
The Luminous Landscape has amazing landscape photography, tips...everything. One-stop shopping for photography information.

Interested in buying a digital camera?
Indispensible: Digital Photography Review    Still my favorite: Canon Cameras    Great cameras: Nikon Cameras

Online Catalogs:

   B & H Photo       Tristate Camera       Cameta Camera       Photoshopper.com   

Friends and family online:

   Dragonskeep Inn       FMD Inc.       Durbin's Bar Guide   

Best Wishes!

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